Alien(1979)/Alien isolation inspired environment

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Hello everyone.
For the people who remembered. i did not liked my last environment concept art ( i was only working on it for a few days ) so i came up with a new project that gives me a lot more motivation to make.

So as a big fan of the alien movie series and alien isolation i came up with basically trying to do the same as alien isolation. i'm going to make a small part of an environment from the movie+ i'm going to think of an addition to that environment out of my head to still keep it unique.

So i'm planning to make this part of the movie:

I also have an small reference sheet:

And i did a study to get the same result that alien isolation has without needing to bake anything down and that is this: this is an low poly cube without any texture maps but only normals. ( and not as in normal map )

I will be using almost only tilleble textures made in substance desinger/Zbrush probebly.
and i want to try to make the environment look as good as possible without really baking down a lot of objects ( i am thinking to only bake down some small detailed props like the generators/power boxes.

I will first start making the corridors/rooms and then i will go over in making all the smaller assets.

I was not really feeling in making a blockout so i just made it very very quick just as an reminder how the corridors go etc.
I know its very bad out no good porportions but ill fix that etc when i'm going to start making everything in detail.

So that was about it so far.
so lets do this!




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