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So the first ideas that popped into my mind was some sort of an outdoor environment , with lots of foliage, moss and vines. I'm thinking moss covered rocks, trees and basically overgrowth. I was drawn to doing something oriental, and i started looking into shinto shrines in japan, so the basic idea is kind of an old ruined shinto shrine, I am thinking of the throne more in terms of the place where a sacred object is kept, which i understand(from my few hours pf research) is the purpose of these shrines, to safegaurd sacred objects. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly the throne would be represented.

this was kind of a mood board,


And these are some reference images



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    EpicBeardMan polycounter lvl 3
    It looks interesting, I always liked oriental architecture.
  • Gannon
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    Gannon polycounter lvl 9
    Love your reference, Can't wait to see it come to life. Good luck!
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    Nice reference, i was literally looking at that big peace bell in person about 3 days ago
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    Kanoba wrote: »
    Nice reference, i was literally looking at that big peace bell in person about 3 days ago

    haha nice! You should give me ur pictures for reference lol :poly124: I've always been drawn to asian culture, especially the japanese.
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    So i started off making some foliage rocks, so that i could use them to get a sort of rough block out going in-engine, I wanted to get my things in engine as soon as possible so that i could start doing multiple passes on all the assets, my idea is do a quick first pass on all assets and bring them in engine and then continue to do multiple passes and refine them to achieve the look i want, Here are some screen grabs:


    ground mat made in designer


    grass substance, i think this is actually an older version..might change it

    Some in engine screens, the blockout isn't final, might keep tweeking it

    also started work on the tori gate, the archway that marks the entrance of the shrine. I have a question for u pros regarding what i should do with the roof shingles for the low poly. My initial thought was to bake the tile onto the flat roof, but i noticed that these tiles added to the silhouette, so im unsure if i should jsut bake it onto the roof, or if i should leave some geo on their to create the silhoutte, the following imagees will probably explain it better, any input is greatly appreciated.

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    Atokal polygon

    I like the direction your going in right now, but their if a few things that I noticed that you might be able to improve on!

    First off, I wanted to ask what type of story your telling with this art. If a picture is worth a thousand words then what will your screenshots tell me when you finish this project.

    The rocks in this texture could use a little more change in their specularity to help break them away from the ground, the variation would help make people believe that they are separate from the texture which is what you want to convince them.

    So for the Foliage what I would like to see is more variation in the different types of foliage you have, in addition to eliminating the jaggedness that comes from not having enough planes, if it looks to stiff and people can see the sheets your foliage is on your doing it wrong.
    Here is an example of foliage that is overlapped, it becomes harder to see the individual planes that its made of. if you did that it would be awesome!

    I personally would throw the poly count to the wind and have them modeled in unless you have a trim or a rim piece that would take the place of the shilouette of the Torri gate. that way you could get away with a normal map.

    Lastly heres something that might help you out,

    Itsukushima Shrine

    I made this before, theirs a lot of reference and its super old, which makes it great reference.

    Have fun dude, looking forward to seeing you do this thing.
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    DeepSpaceBanana greentooth
    Update No_2:

    been busy with school haven't really had time to update what i've been doing with the scene but i've made some progress and have some more assets in engine, haven't fully textured all of them, but they will get there =), Also, the lighting setup I have right now is definitely going to change a lot once i have evrything in engine, I'm most likely going to go for a late evening/ nightime lighting setup, I want to try and capture the eerie gloominess of the first concept in my reference board, but here are some screenshots of what I ahve so far, C&C is more than welcome.





    And here are some shots of the substances and assets



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    DeepSpaceBanana greentooth
    Update No_3: Okay so I think i've made some good progress, i've begun working on some lighting and post-process, and also made some particles(Cuz errbody luvs particles right?).I'm at a little bit of a fork wit hregards to lighting, im trying to decide between doing a day-lit scene vs a night time scene. I like the night time scene because i think it has the eerie creepy vibe that i want, but at the same time, the night scene doesn't really show all the materials work that i've done, where as the day lit scene, is kinda meh, but it shows everything really well. Any input on this would be great, Here are the latest screens






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