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Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
Hello polycounters !

Today is the first day of the rest of my life :). I'm making my first 3d Gun! Still in the idea to practice, I came to realise that I never have made any 3d Gun so I start with an iconic one, a colt 45. I know that the forum is full of powerfull guns maker so I hope I don't have make too much mistakes :poly122:.

Everything is still WIP but I am a little bit going around in circle so :



Any feedbacks are welcome !


  • Sir Apple
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    Sir Apple polycounter lvl 8
    Maybe its just me but I don't see any images.
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
  • BringMeASunkist
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    BringMeASunkist polycounter lvl 6
    Love the python. Been trying to buy one myself but I can't justify spending twice as much as Smith & Wesson's 686 when they're almost the same gun.

    Aaaaanyway. In your front-facing render, it looks like the Python has some wear on the ventilated rails? If so, the wear is reading as white edge highlights. However the Python has a stainless steel finish that looks like chrome; neither materials wear like that. I'd take another look at those materials to see get the wear reading a little better. The grip could use a touch more gloss as well to give it that nice lacquered look. Other than that it's coming out nicely.
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    Thanks BringMeASunkist !
    I a m not already an expert about guns, speaking of wear, are you talking about the scratches of the Latch on the frame or some wear on the barrel where the model's name is written ?

    Anyway thanks for your feedbacks about materials rendering I will retake my substances to obtain a better result!
  • stickehbunz
    Hi! That looks absolutely amazing man. What did you use to make your maps? Thanks :)
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    Here is how I have create my maps:

    First I have create my High and Low poly models to be allowed to bake them both in Substance Designer :

    After that I have quicly Zbrushed a Horse for the Colt Tokken :

    Then I have create the final Normal for the Tokken in Substance Designer using my Horse Normal and a lot of noise and SVG:

    I have Create the three materials my Colt need in a naked way :



    To finish I have create a master node to blend my 3 materials according to my baked High poly colt and add more variations :


    The final render is in marmoset 2 :

    Everything is still wip and I have a lot of tweak to do on my materials.
  • modsoft
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    modsoft polycounter lvl 3
    Nice work,
    I think you could push the contrast of roughness values, it all feels too close to one value. At the same time you could add in some smaller scale details in the normal and roughness (add material definition) see img:
    Knicks, cuts, metal definition, edge details, finger prints, oil spots, etc.
  • BringMeASunkist
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    BringMeASunkist polycounter lvl 6
    Hey man, quick write up for you.

    The wear I was talking about is most noticeable on the ventilated rails but looking at your diffuse, seems to be applied globally. I don't think it's inappropriate placed, necessarily, just that it's not a proper effect you'd see on this material. Doing a quick google search, I came across this image I love. It looks like the scratches interrupt the gloss heavily, the specular noticeably and the diffuse very little.


    I also found some rusted pics of stainless steel. Stainless Stell is designed to not rust so it rusts differently than most other bare metals; particularly on bare surfaces rather than crevices or edges.


    I don't know what this site is, but if you can get passed the sporadic and randomly placed porn, this site has some excellent images of miscellaneous chrome and stainless objects that have undergone various amounts of wear and neglect.

    I did a quick pass to illustrate where your materials could use some love:

    And I mentioned I like the S&W 686. I took some pictures of my own for reference. Note that my gun's grip is Rosewood while the Python's is Walnut, so the diffuses will be different, but the amount of lacquer on each shouldn't vary much.


    *EDIT* One last thing. The 686 has a painted trigger and sights; you can see some nice trigger wear on my closeup pic. I know it's the kind of detail that may not be most time efficient detail to go back and change, but multiple materials and an attention to detail are also the kind of things that breathes that subtle bit of life into your models. The Python doesn't have a painted trigger (though it does have painted sights) but this could be one of those moments where you use your artistic freedom to stray from accuracy in favor of visual interest?
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    Thank you so much for your feedbacks! And thanks for this intersting website :) .
    I have make some updates on my materials so I'd like to show it to you and know if it sound good to you.

    I have enhance the contrast on my gloss to have a better gloss.

    Try to put more love in my intersections.

    Add scratches and little holes on the wood part of the gun.

    Work a little bit more on the Colt Tokken.

    Here are the repercussions on my stratas.

    Maybe it's still a litte bit to shy.
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    too much work to finish it before, still some stuff to tweak but I think it's pretty much finish, what did you guys think of it ?









  • 3dshay
    Oh man! your first gun? really? AWESOME!
  • Vincent_DEROZIER
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    Vincent_DEROZIER greentooth
    Finally done, now I can fly away.



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