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Still might change this pose/angle - really hard to decide.

^one of the official paint-ups for Warwick

Idk if I'll do a full re-design or not just yet but this dude seems like he needs an update and I wanted to do a hand painted creature of some kind.


Good luck to everyone! Let's help each other as much as possible. I'll try to maintain a 1 update to 5 critique ratio through the contest.

Some Lore - written for fun and storytelling motivation:

Since Vladimirs Ascension to hemomancer he has been plagued by attacks from Vayne. Vayne - believing Vladimir to be a Vampire of legend, uses any available means to destroy Vladimir. A Stake to the heart, Garlic, Blessed Water, Religious Symbols, Sunlight. None seemed to work as effectively as the legends claim.

Vladimir was amused by these attacks in the beginning - but as their effectiveness was ruled out Vayne became more creative and eventually posed a true threat to the Crimson Reaper.

Hearing rumors of Warwicks transformation Vladimir devised a plan to reaffirm his vampirism in Vaynes mind with the goal being to further frustrate and distract her. Like in the Vampire legend he would have his Werewolf Protector. Warwick and Vayne could do battle endlessly leaving him free to pursue his important work in blood magic.

Vladimir approached Singed and offered his abilities in exchange for Warwicks servitude. Singed, tempted by a new capable partner and fearing Warwicks growing animalistic ways eagerly obliged. Together they created the Blood Iron Armor for Warwick. Forged from Iron drawn from the blood of hundreds of victims.

Warwick - agreeing to what he thought to be a simple ruse - dons the armor on condition that Vlad will help in the slaying of Soraka and gathering of her much needed heart.

After months of pursuit and battles with Vayne - Warwick fails to slay her. Frustrated and slipping ever further away from humanity he approaches Vladimir and demands the heart of Soraka. Unmoved - Vladimir forces Warwick to kneel before him using the Blood Iron Armor. "I saw a wild dog - and I gave him chains. You serve ME now, Blood Hunter."

The more the wolf takes hold - the more control the armor exerts. Warwicks only chance is to finally kill Vayne and hope that Vladimir will honor his agreement in the end.

Finals Checklist:
  1. High Poly Beauty Render - Complete
  2. Low Poly Beauty Render - In Progress
  3. Composite Render (In Game) - In Progress
  4. Construction Render - In progress
  5. Online Submission to Riot Games - In progress


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