Cryengine 3 polycount question

polycounter lvl 4
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ESFGames polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone.

i have a very annoying problem i get this error in cryengine:

[Warning] CGF Loading Failed: Cannot convert index stream 8 from 32-bit to 16-bit format because it contains index 65535 [File=Objects/atrium/models/part2.cgf]
[Error] Failed to load cgf: Objects/atrium/models/part2.cgf

so i know that that means the polycount is too high.


so i spend all morning optimizing my models and taking them appart so that they are less then 50k poly.

as you can see i selected one model: 5Ny8kqJ.png

but it still gives me the error :( anyone knows why?


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