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    @kmactastic: Well, to be honest, I didn't really paid much attention to it before you brought it on the table but I kinda didn't care since I got it in the polybudget. But yah, it would use some optimisation in the ideal world.

    Anyway, worked on the UV's and the textures today. Derped with max's render to texture padding. Couldn't figure out why it's not saving the padding with the image, but turned out that it actually saves it to the output image but not on the displayed one in max, so for any of you who ever wondered, just set you saving path straight to the right folder, and don't rely on the displayed image as I did.
    Then started playing with Photoshop 3D capabilities and painted a part of the model before Photoshop decided that tonight, it's not good to be productive and started doing some weird stuff. So when finally he whiped out my pref file without any warning, i ragequitted and this is what I got atm.
    obviously not as far as I wanted to take it today but I got some crappy buiseness on the way as you can see.

    To be continued.

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    kmactastic polycounter lvl 4
    So I realize this is months later...but I wanted to post my "finished" piece to get some closure haha. If I had to do it again I would do a hi-res model, and not just jump to painting it. Still very open to critique. thanks (:Illusionist_f.jpg
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