The Monthly 'Newb' CHARACTER Challenge | May 2014 | Frogman, Demon, Illusionist



  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 7
    Spent a couple lunches with the google hangout crew. Basic block ins. More to come. I will do some critiques when I get to work.232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv5%3C68%3Dot%3E982%3C%3D563%3D345%3DXROQDF%3E265545277%3B254ot1lsi
  • jaysonmtl
  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 7
    Rino: looks fierce maybe a bit more definition in the wrist. Tighten it up
    Tayu: lower res to get your shapes
    Pyr: she looks short proportion wise
    Robi: great start
    Port-seven: his proportions are off a bit. Thicker neck..wider head maybe and chest too.
    Mr. Awesome: good start. Need to see more!
    Lotet: always love your style man.
    Cluster: good start. Will be watching your progress.
    Jayson: solid start. Need to see a bit more to give a good crit
  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 6
    @Dimfist Nice progress with the frog man there. Be careful not to give him the lizardman look.

    @ClusterOne Looking good there. Really digging her face.

    @Dimfist Agreed, she's a little on the shorter side. I made her 7.5 head tall because of the cartoonish style... Might make her 8 head tall instead. Was trying to give her that HazardousArt's girl look. Gotta work more on her arms and her legs.
  • Ape_Errata
  • Rafferty_Eggleston
    Nice work people! Gotta head to bed for work in the morning! Will do critiques tomorrow in the down time. Didn't touch the arms or the torso hardly, but here's the progress:


  • Jbridges
    here´s some update of the Mr.Frog. Starting to block out some parts now.
  • drogyn
    wip2.pngGot to the 2nd WIP, arms and legs still unattached so the transitions are no good yet. Increased the arm size a bit, especially around the forearms and I think that helped. Going to play around with the face soon and see what kinda look starts coming together.

    Rafferty_Eggleston - Really nice work on the back horns, cool idea to make them so boney.
    Ape_Errata - I like the under jaw, looks like he could be ready to croak.
    riceart - very nice so far, I like the meaty hands quite a bit.
  • Ape_Errata
    On the hangout channel if anyone wants join in. -Peter
  • Rafferty_Eggleston
    rino -- I think the biggest problems right now is your inferno's jaw line and chin area. It might be the angle, but it looks like the teeth are almost protruding from nothing. The anatomy on his rib muscles are also at a weird angle/have a weird insertion. There is also a weird angular bulge in his lat muscle that doesn't make much sense. I just highlighted the areas I'm referring to. Can't do a paintover since I'm at work :*(


    tayuya64 -- haha nice work with the mouse! It is a little muddy, probably from the lack of pen pressure, but lowering the density of the topology in the beginning should help some
    PyrZern -- same for you, especially on the inferno. I know it is just the blockouts for now, but I think the inferno would really benefit dropping down the sub-d levels to get the form down more easily. The chin critique I gave to rino also could apply! :D For the illusionist, I think her face would benefit some if you added a little more indication of a cheek bone. It looks like it is almost a straight line from the jaw bone to her eye ball.
    robirobes -- really nice start! Looking forward to some textures
    Port-Seven -- good work so far! There is a lot of clipping, but I'm sure you'll fix it haha. Looking sweet
    MrAwexome -- I would significantly lower the density of your mesh in the beginning. It makes it a million times easier to work with. The chin critique above could also apply ;)
    lotet -- you could add some frog-like bumps onto his skin for more details. (GrevSev beat me to it)
    ClusterOne -- Looking good dude! I think her legs could be lenghtened a little, but I think the jacket might be throwing me off
    jaysonmtl -- digging your hands so far, but I think his palm needs to be more beafy on the pinky finger side
    drogyn -- I think the proportions are good so far, but your anatomy is off/don't translate well in his shoulders, triceps, back, and legs. You'd probably benefit from lowering the density of the geomtry to get the forms all down too! :D
  • Ape_Errata
    Grabbing some lunch. But WIP shot for this morning. I'll try and go through and do some crits once I've got some food in me.

  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 7
    Ape: The legs are very humanoid in the concept. I understand you are going for your own thing on the concept, just mentioning it.
    I think the main problem with everyone's demon is they are missing that he actually has a neck in there its just very thick, that and the definition in the forearms seems to be off for most.
  • ClusterOne
    Slugging through this ever so slowly. I'm currently in the process of replacing all my dynamesh with clean meshes for the high poly. Got the two hardest pieces out of the way. Time for another WoW break.
  • thepapercut
    A lot of good stuff going on here. I'll post my current work tomorrow (I feel like the odd man out seeing everyone using Zbrush, and i'll be posting a max wireframe). Onto some comments!

    @Clusterone: Really how clean and simple you've made it already.
    @Ape_Errata: Really digging the feel!
    @Rafferty_Eggleston: Dat facial must teach me your sorcery.
    @drogyn: nice start! As dimfist stated, the mouth doesn't directly bleed into the chest and shoulders.
    @pyrzern: Really enjoying the illusionist start. She feels soft overall though, not sure if your going for it.
    @dimfist: Really dig the frogman's head and chin piece.
    @jbridges: Really cool start! I feel though the head feels a tad small.
  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks guys. I have given her some more cheekbones and also lengthen her lower body a tad. Will tone her up next. Not much progress today :(

  • DEDE_pig
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    DEDE_pig polycounter lvl 5

    I feel the face could use some more refinements.
    I actually get your image and make it to BnW to further explained the part that I feel need some more touch up.


    Some Ref to use. (Taken from Pinterest)


    What I feel is that especially the center area of the face which form the triangle (between the eyes to the tip of the mouth), the shadow is abit on the harsher side.
    If you notice from the ref I did, the shadow are softer compared to urs currently.

    The upper eyelids area also missing some of the forms (especially the layers of skins overlaying each other) which I think is bcos of this now your eyes look like they are missing the eyelids.
    Trying to look out for some eye makeup video on youtube to see how makeup were used to create the illusion of making the eyes look bigger, etc.

    The mouth area keep note of the muscle flow, it feel like is going upwards at the end of the upper lips.

    Hope this will make sense to you :D
    And sorry for my bad english :D
  • rino
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    rino polycounter lvl 5
    rino -- I think the biggest problems right now is your inferno's jaw line and chin area. It might be the angle, but it looks like the teeth are almost protruding from nothing. The anatomy on his rib muscles are also at a weird angle/have a weird insertion. There is also a weird angular bulge in his lat muscle that doesn't make much sense. I just highlighted the areas I'm referring to. Can't do a paintover since I'm at work :*(


    thanks for the crit,


    after all its stylized. yes i agree rib muscles are looking weird at the moment, i'll smooth them out in final stages.

    i don't know about the jawline and chin, i'll take a look at it again but if you ask me i kept it pretty close to concept.

    i realized inaccuracies in some parts of the model that i'll fix soon, thank you, Rafferty_Eggleston.
  • drogyn
    wip3.pngGot just a little more done. Attached the arms and legs to the body, started fixing the shape there. Added some more detail block ins to the face, pulled out the mouth a little bit and added some skull framework for where I will be adding the horns later.
  • Jarvgrimr
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    Jarvgrimr polycounter lvl 8
    Will get to the crits tomorrow morning, but thought I'd post up my WIP for the 'toony demon:

    I started on it today, all from zspheres (I love zspeheres!), probably going to turn it into a mobile game size asset, as it's cartoony look would suit that better I reckon.

    Any crits or comments very much sought after :D
  • Oscar Loris
    here is my progresse still a lot of worck to do but,the main blockout is done
  • Oscar Loris
  • Bacn
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    Bacn polycounter lvl 7
    ClusterOne - Her proportions seem a bit stubby. Maybe she could do with some extending/slimming up?
    PyrZern - Maybe it's the colors, but she looks kinda artificial. She comes across as very mannequin-y.

    This face is driving me crazy. No matter how much I chug away at the sculpt she won't stop looking so manly!

  • Ape_Errata
    @ClusterOne: Better too have too many subtools than too few. You can always merge and dynamesh them later. The legs from the knee down look a little off proportion-wise to the rest of the body maybe double check that.

    @Drogyn: The mat cap on there is a bit dim so it's hard to see how the light is hitting the model, but from what I see it's a solid start. Keep going.

    @Rafferty: Solid details man. I'm liking the direction so far!

    Lunch crunched it on my Frog Guy. Got a belt around the loin cloth, some folds in the cloth, and some details in the necklace. I need to get the knife, spear, and palm frond sculpted out next. Happy monday guys!

  • ClusterOne
    Thanks everyone for the tips and advice!

    Another slow day for me--didn't get much done. I ended up having to redo the mesh for the shirt because it inexplicably started dissolving when smoothed (I have no idea why or how). I'm almost done with all the meshes for my high poly--just a few missing pieces. Here's the current state of my work:

    Following critique I increased the length of her legs and reduced the length of her torso to make her a bit more proportionate. The far left is body proportions, the middle is complete meshes for the high poly and the far right is the current state with all the subtools. I should have the high poly meshes for the other embellishments like the cuffs and the neck-thingy up pretty soon since they are relatively simple.

    I feel selfish for not giving any critique to anyone else but I'm really new so there isn't much I can advise people with in regard to art. The only real piece of advice I can give anyone is to put anatomy first in your workflow. In my opinion embellishing your mesh before your anatomy is solid serves as a major impediment to a good workflow.
  • Jarvgrimr
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    Jarvgrimr polycounter lvl 8
    @Ape_Errata - That frog is looking great man, I dig the stylistic twist you've put on it. No crits, but damn it is looking nice!

    @ClusterOne - Yup anatomy is the such a big base, as it affects everything on top of it. Your character is looking much better, the only thing I can see that looks a bit off is the head/hair seems too tall.

    @Bacn - I think the thing that is making the face seem manly is the fact that it is quite long and narrow, so it's strolling into androgynous territory. The images that DEDE_Pig poster earlier are a good bit of reference. Give softer curves to the jawline, and cheek bones. Round out her face a bit, making it more of a heart-shaped face. (Google Image Search results for Heart-Shaped face, has some good face shape refs) :)

    @drogyn - Looking good so far, the only thing that jumps out at me is the width of his upper head (is that a thing?), looks too broad compared to the concept art. In the picture the head of the demon tapers and resembles more of a triangle shape than a square one.

    @rino - The mouth was a bit confusing to me too, but it seems in the concept there is no... jaw or neck, just a kind of mouth that forms out of that area, so the lips would rest against where the clavicle bones meet, it's just... mouth into head. You've kind of given the demon a lower jaw. Makes more sense to me having a lower jaw, and it looks good, but if you wanted to really stick to the concept image... it might need to be altered. Otherwise, I am really digging your style, and those shoulder spikes look wickedly rocky/volcanic and demony!

    @Rafferty_Eggleston - really liking your demon so far man, I also really like your solution for the large horns/spikes on the back. Can't wait to see more!

    PyrZern - Looks good dude, I think the head looks a bit slimmer than in the concept piece, was that a style choice?

    Will post more updates on my piece later. I think this trio of concepts is a great idea! Only prob is liking more than one of them, and having to choose :P
  • kalwdio
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    kalwdio polycounter lvl 4
    Hello guys im new and im in this challenge :D

    Here is my sculpt(Blender) for today

    I ll wait for your crits and comments :poly142:
  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 6
    @DEDE_pig Thanks for doing that man. Really appreciate it.

    @ClusterOne I really like that feminine ankle pose look, I'm gonna try that tomorrow and see how it goes :) Also, sometimes a nesh will smooth into dissolved blob if there's not enough supporting loops. Or if it's inside out.

    @Bacn You can do it ~!! And look at more (softcore) porn O o'

    @Jarvgrimr Not too sure, man. Sometimes I just wing it based on my (undeveloped) sense of beauty when it comes to female character.

    @kalwdio Shaping up nicely there. Watch out for the area around his forehead. Quite tricky.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I have made some changes to her face as well as her proportion.

  • Ape_Errata
    @Jarv: Thanks man. Having a lot of fun with this sculpt.

    Knife made. Now for a spear next!

  • Rafferty_Eggleston
    thepapercut -- haha I can try to do a little run down of my process if you want
    drogyn -- nice progress dude. Keep pushing that form!
    kalwdio -- welcome and nice start! I'd be careful with the placement of the teeth. Right now they look like they're coming out of his lips instead of his gums. The connection between the ears and the head needs a second look too!
    Jarvgrimr -- thanks dude! Your proportions look nice so far!
    Oscar Loris -- Really dig the way you made the inferno's head! I would make the outter horns a little less pointy/narrow at the tips (probably getting to it since they're just blocked in ;)
    Ape_Errata -- nice progress! I would just say to maybe rework the folds on the loincloth

    I feel like I'm spamming the thread a little with my daily updates, so I'll post a bigger update tomorrow or the next day haha
  • drogyn
    wip3.pngGot into some of the chunky horns and what not. I think I am going to make all 3 pieces merged into one, sort of like how antlers have branching pieces. Added in some spine and tried to get his head into shape for the coming detail.
  • Jarvgrimr
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    Jarvgrimr polycounter lvl 8
    An update, let me know what you all think :)
  • MrAwexome
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    MrAwexome polycounter lvl 4
    Made some more progress on the teeth and took into consideration some of the critques. I'm happier with the proportions now, i made some adjustments to the chest and arms. gonna start working on the hands next and then its on to the armor.

  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 7
    Small Update. Need to retopo that cloth before I can move on to the extras. Also frog features still in low detail.232323232%7Ffp83232%3Euqcshlukaxroqdfv868%3A%3Dot%3E982%3C%3D563%3D345%3DXROQDF%3E2655%3A85%3A68254ot1lsi
  • ClusterOne
    Since everyone is giving critique I figured I'd try my hand at it.

    @Javrgrimr Thanks for the critique, I adjusted the size of her hair. It was definitely too tall for her head. Your demon is coming along quite nicely. The hands are the only area that jumped out to me as feeling a bit incomplete. The knuckle area has way too much volume that seems to fall off abruptly into the fingers. Also the index finger appears longer than the middle finger and the pinky seems a wee bit small. My rule of thumb (no pun intended) for modeling anatomically sound looking hands is that they be very relaxed and the closer to the pinky finger the greater the directional bias to the thumb--in layman's terms: every finger past the index finger pointd toward the thumb area when in a closed or relaxed position.

    @Kalwdio Looks pretty solid. Keep working on it, you're definitely on the right path!

    @Pyzern Wow! Nice update, man. Her face is really shaping up nicely! The only suggestion I have (Yes, its not really a critique but more my opinion) is to reduce the volume of her cheekbone area ever so slightly. The diagonal silhouette of her face seems a wee bit too curved from the cheek bone to the jaw for that angle. Adding some more volume to the jaw, lower cheeks and mouth would also help smooth that out.

    @Ape_Errata Excellent detail on dagger, scabbard and armor. I also really like the stylization you took when making the model--you definitely added your own flavor to the concept. A little bit of touching up on the loincloth and I think it'll be pretty swell. On a side note I don't know how you use that matcap--I would get a massive migraine if I had to look at that for more than 5 minutes, haha.

    @Rafferty Eggleston I don't think you're spamming at all. The more lively the thread is the more it encourages people to join in and learn!

    @drogyn Thats some pretty sick work man. The face is super well done. Can't wait to see your updates.

    @MrAwexome Nice work. I'm really digging the face. Careful about embellishing your model too early. The musculature and bony structures of your model are pretty far off where you want them to be. The ribcage is way too sharp, and the arms and legs have virtually no defined muscles. Before you move on to make armor, be sure to check your anatomy!

    @Dimfist Looks really nice and clean. It sort of reminds me of a Jinyu from WoW. Some of the muscles, namely in the legs, looks a bit too defined--a little bit of smoothing should fix it though. Definitely some solid work you got there. Looking forward to your updates!

    Heres my small update for the day. Added some of the little embellishments. I'll have to retop the little neck-thingy but that's another story.

  • kmactastic
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    kmactastic polycounter lvl 5
    Hi I am new here. This is for Bacon: Try moving your eyes lower down, and remember there is a muscle in your neck that wraps from your ear to your collarbone.

    I decided to try and make the Illusionist. I hope I can make it by the end of the month. My topology is messy. It needs to have a better flow. I see everyone is already in Zbrush. I usually start making it by hand. But maybe that is not the best!

  • jaysonmtl
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    jaysonmtl polycounter lvl 4
    Still needs some work in certain areas, and a detail pass all around.
    Tell me what u guys think.
    Il give some crits when I wake up :) 6.png


  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 6
    Small progress. Remade her top piece quite a few times :( And still not happy with her arm bracelets-thing. Will see if I will adjust her face further after I finish her hair.
    Will post comments tomorrow.

  • kalwdio
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    kalwdio polycounter lvl 4
    @PyrZern Thanks but i dont what to add there yet :S

    @Rafferty_Eggleston Thank you ... I reworked the teeth and gums as you said but the ears always i had problems...:S (i tried to pull them in a little bit.)

    @ClusterOne thank you :D

    This is my progression for today, i need anatomy lessons i know...My horns need more detail and i need to work his back

  • Shyralon
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    Shyralon polycounter lvl 5
    I'm in for frogman aswell, but not sure how much time I will ifnd to work on him..
    Here's my base so far, just starting.
    Any tips how to best add this cloth hanging around his waist? Struggling a bit there..


    Woah that's an awesome sculpt! Turned out great.
    Looks cool, but your version is pretty muscular compared to the concept, especially the chest and arms.. (But maybe you want him to be that muscular, if that's the case just ignore my comment ;D)
    I think you should work more on the form of the face. Right now it's hard to say wether it's a male or female and the face seems to be pretty long.
    Maybe make it more hearthshaped?
  • Manticora
    Hey guys, you're all doing some awesome sculpts! Really looking forward to your detail pass, jaysonmtl :)

    I normally don't do any characters, so I decided to give the illusionist a try. I'm doing a mobile version with hand painted textures. Here's what I managed to do today:


    I know her face is "a little" creepy, I'll try to fix that tomorrow :D That's not exactly the easiest part for me...
  • Ape_Errata
    Worked on the spear. Thinking about if I want to include the palm frond or maybe make it into a samurai style banner or whether to leave it out. i'll be revisiting the cloth folds per everyone's feedback. I also have some more details to add to the loin cloth. The frog body needs some more love too. Anyhow happy hump day guys. I'll try and get on for some C+C later.
  • Ape_Errata
    Will be on the google hangout for the next hour or so. -Peter
  • Dimfist
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    Dimfist polycounter lvl 7
    I will hop on around lunch time tomorrow. Working on the knee armor and weapons tomorrow
  • MrAwexome
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    MrAwexome polycounter lvl 4
    He's shaping up nicely,and starting to become one of my favorite sculpts. i feel bad because i don't end up critiquing other peoples sculpts or in the hangout much as my school and work schedule doesn't really allow it.

  • jaysonmtl
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    jaysonmtl polycounter lvl 4
    Im thinking about doing a mobile low poly version for the demon, so my question is how would you guys split up the model for the retopo process?

    some crits:
    @mrwaxesome: I would try and shape up the body and muscles silhouette some more, check some anatomy boards on pinterest

    @Ape_errata: Work some more on the folds, the clothing looks a bit blocky

    @Shyralon: Are you familiar with dynamesh? you could try that out for a clothing base
  • PyrZern
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    PyrZern polycounter lvl 6
    @ClusterOne Love how you give her lips. Could be more defined, though.

    @Shyralon Another subtool for his clothing.

    @Manticora Nice proportions there. Will she have actual lips ? Or just painted on.

    @Ape_Errata Reminds me of Chrono Trigger's Frog :) Awesome.

    @MrAwexome Love his face. His shoulders need more muscle definition.
  • Ape_Errata
    @Kalwido: Work on adding some more definition to your forms. He's currently a little lumpy.

    @MrAwexome: Love the face kind of see a little Lilo in there. He seems a little top heavy compared to concept, but keep going man!

    @Dimfist: Looking good so far. I like how you're following the concept.

    @Clusterone: Digging the progress. Keep it up. As for migraine inducing mat caps I'm kinda enjoying it. I like mixing it up compared to the usual gray mat caps I use.

    @Kmactastic: Use whatever workflow works best for you. Everyone has different ways of skinning a cat. I dive straight into Zbrush because it's what I know best and what works best for me. Just keep pushing yourself.

    @Jaysonmtl: You have some nice primary and secondary forms going on. The feet look a little small/narrow to me, but that might just be me.

    @Everyone: keep pushing those pixels. I'm excited to see where everyone foes with these pieces. Cheers.
  • diskobiskit
    @jaysonmtl - great model so far, can't wait to see it finished

    @shyralon - I would work on the anatomy a little bit more before moving on to the clothing, he seems to be lacking some internal infrastructure in the shoulder and pelvic areas in particular. As far as the clothing goes, my workflow is to make very primitive objects in Max first, then send them over and work on them as separate subtools.

    @ape-errata - So far so good, I like what you did with the concept and its proportions

    Little bit of a late start, first time participating, hopefully I can knock this out. Here is a very quick base, working on blocking in everything else atm.

  • Rafferty_Eggleston
    Seeing some awesome progress people! I've gotta take an early night and will critique tomorrow during the downtime at work. Here is what I've got:



    Hardly updated back shot for kicks
  • riceart
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    riceart polycounter lvl 4
    great work rafferty
    im getting back on this project
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