Johnny reboot [UE4]


What is Johnny Reboot?

2.5D Metroidvanian Brawler where you play as Johnny, a virus exterminator.
Choose how you play with a collection of unlockable abilities and weapons, used in both combat and puzzles.


Large Cyber Fantasy World
A narrative covering Agoraphobia
Paths open based on discovered abilities
Brawler combat with a mix of short to long range weapons
Weapon augments change game play to suit your style or needs
A custom dark ambient sound track coupled with high energy combat tracks.

Johnny Reboot - Story synopsis

Johnny Reboot has agoraphobia. The loss of his mom (M*ther is censored?) during a war to defeat Morrigan, The Phantom Virus, lead him to isolating himself from his family.
Unable to deal with the grief, his perception of reality began to twist, it wasn't long before he feared the outside world.
He hides the truth from his family, showing them a tough exterior, even coming across as cocky at times.
Rarely taking visitors besides his brother Percy, yet always hoping someone comes by, Johnny is a prisoner of a self made cage.

The game will begin with Johnny's home destroyed by a virus attack, forcing him to flee his only haven. He'll have to explore the world he fears to save his family from a revived Morrigan.


Agoraphobia, Greek for a fear of 'gathering places', is an anxiety disorder characterized by perceiving certain environments as dangerous.
Typically a sufferer fears leaving a safety zone, often one's own home, and doing so can lead to severe panic attacks.
The phobia can intensify to a point where a 'fight or flight'-reaction ensues due to a non-existent danger and leaving your safe haven becomes completely unthinkable.

The story of Johnny Reboot is very personal to me, because it is based on a time in my life where I suffered from Agoraphobia, and I am wanting to use this game as a way to show everyone that has Agoraphobia and other Psychological disorders that anything is possible in life, you just gotta put your foot forward and continue.

Media - Progress


Who we are?


We are a collection of skilled individuals whom are seeking to create fun games. We've spent the last 2 months getting to know each other and determining whether we can make this happen.
We've done our research and are confident in our ability to deliver a fun experience. We are a virtual company, meaning all of us work from home offices around the world.
Communication is key within any team and we've spent the time to create our workflow and to get to know each other.

Open positions

Environmental artist
Must be good with a 3d programs like 3ds max or Maya, blender etc.
Must have good modeling and texturing skills.
To be able to work with low poly models.
Must be able work from a reference, concept art.
Good knowledge of UE4
Game development experience.

Character artist
Must be proficient with a 3d modeling programs.
Must have good modeling and texturing skills.
To be able to work with low poly models.
Must be able work from a reference, concept art.
Rigging and animating.
Game development experience.

Must be proficient with 3d modeling programs.
To be able to work with low poly models.
Must know how to make high quality animations.
Knowledge of UE4
Game development experience.

C++ programmer
Prototype out both tech and game solutions.
Use Industry standard software.
Game Programming knowledge and design patterns preferred.
Unreal Engine 4 knowledge

Concept artist
Good knowledge of programs like Photoshop or Gimp.
Must be able to easily adapt to the scene and capture the atmosphere.
Have the ability to work with a certain art style.
Able to create unique and high quality concept art.
Game development experience.

How to apply

You can apply through our website form. Make sure to include your portfolio and tell us the experience you have in game development.


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