3d Printing my dad - need crits on the likeness!

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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
hey guys I need your help, my likeness skills are not as well tuned as Id like them to be. so any help you can offer would be great.

since its for print im going for bigger forms and not as minuet detail. I want to emphasize/caricature-ize his likeness a bit so that it will be obviously him even if its a 6in tall sculpture.


  • frmdbl
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    frmdbl greentooth
    I see a definite resemblance:), nice job.
  • slosh
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    slosh polycounter
    I think you are going in the right direction. That image of him on the top left is the best one to base this off of. Right now, other than the nose, your sculpt feels very symmetrical. Even with the hair being different, it still reads as symmetrical. The image of your dad shows the head shape is very asymmetrical as well as the ears. This definitely seems apparent in the image and makes for a distinct silhouette. I would also close his mouth. He is sort of half smiling in your images but for a print, it will be easier if you just close his mouth and just bring up the corners of the lip for a subtle smirk or something. Also, his jowls and cheeks definitely hang more than they do in your sculpt. His face has more drooping pockets of skin and fat and your sculpt feels more taught...reads as being more muscular than aging flesh. The 3/4 shot also looks a bit odd around the nose on your sculpt so I would work on that too. Try to superimpose that top left image onto your sculpt in zbrush so you can keep comparing the two. good luck!
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
    thanks guys great tips!
  • Noren
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    Noren polycounter lvl 13
    I think you might have mixed up the different angles of the photos a bit.
    The head is raised a bit in the top left reference and you copied the features, but not the angle of the head.
    Right now the overall impression is a bit more heroic than the references.
    If you're going for that that's fine, of course.
    To get a better likeness, aside from matching up proportions, pay closer attention to the references because you seem to model more generic forms that you know, than what you see. (E.g. eyebrows, lips, ears )
    I'd say his slightly crooked smile seems to be very characteristic, so I'd try to capture that. If you can close the lips like slosh suggested that's fine, as long as the expression is still recognizable. Else I'd keep the open mouth.
    Don't mix references from different facial expressions if you don't know exactly what you are doing.
    Other than that it's looking really great so far!
  • Dylan Brady
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    Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
    Its on its way!!!!!
    Thanks alot for the thoughtfull crits, i took as much of your advice into consideration as possible and eventually i just had to call it done cause my dads birthday was like two weeks ago heheh.
    so heres the final in TB2
    and just got the email from Moddler saying theyll be sending it out tonight.
    judging by the pic they sent me the print came out perfect.
  • tristanCarter
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    tristanCarter polycounter lvl 5
    That print came out really nice. I think you captured most of the forms pretty well especially considering the prints can only get so detailed. Are you going to paint it as well? I think it would be very cool to see a painted version.
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