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Hey guys!

For a long time I was planing to start posting on Polycount since I guess its the most helpful community out there in terms of critique but I guess I didn't really feel comfortable with my work.
Anyway, time to make this step :)

I would really love to know what you guys think about my models and I am definitely looking foreword to your critique/feedback.

I will start with my last character. It was created for my first personal project at my school. In a few weeks we had to create a character within 20k tris.
Since I have never went through the whole pipeline, and never really created a low poly, I wanted to create a model that would require me a range of things: different materials, a fair amount of gear, some organic parts, etc.
Here is the current state of a character I call Bekanovski (Brave New World inspired :D). I had an idea placed in a SteamPunk universe and this guy was supposed to represent and capture the atmosphere of what I imagined.
He is still a WIP since the textures still need some work. Plus he is still missing a couple of peaces that will be added at a later time.

Here are some shots with the character!





Please let me know what you guys think!




  • DanMihaila
    Here is a 4 weeks game project I've done at school.
    We had to make in Unity and focus it around vehicles. This is what we came up as a team of six (two designers and 4 artists).

    I've learned quite a few things about the more technical aspects of a game and definately it was good to finally get my feet wet in Unity.

    This is the trailer that we quickly made before a presentation that we had after the 4 weeks in front of a commission formed by two Avalanche members and an artist from DICE:

    And here are some screens and Sketchfab links for the main models I worked on:





  • axxic3
    The plate on the flame thrower vehicle is a smart addition, makes sense. Watched the video too, and the individual movement of the emp vehicle was interesting as well. Great attention to detail! The only critique I have is maybe more wear/tear to the rubber undersides of the vehicles. Keep up the good work!
  • DanMihaila
    Thank you for the feedback axxic3. Been a while since I updated my sketch book since I Was super super busy at school... Than again.. that's not an excuse. I'll try to keep it updated from now on... Or at least do better at updating it. :)

    I want to post some progress of a character I'm working on for a specialization course I'm doing at school.
    This character was a BIG BIG struggle for me and it still is. The idea of the character started and was greatly inspired by Assassin's Creed Black Flag. So I wanted to create a pirate... However, a pirate from 17th - 18th century will have a lot of complex cloth on him... mostly when you have Bartholomew Roberts in mind (fancy cloths, rich and extravagant way of dressing for the period, mostly when it comes to a pirate).
    So, that's how I've found how hard it is to sculpt cloth... Its almost as hard as anatomy.. sometimes harder than that. Not that I am a master of anatomy but... I spent some time learning anatomy and for some reason I have never been as frustrated at any given moment as I was in the first couple of days of sculpting cloth.

    Here I will put an image with the progress that I've made in 8 days (except the head which was sculpted first, before this course started). Any sort of feedback and critique is more than welcome.

    The folds, overall, are not how and where they should be... But I need to try to move foreword with this character. I redid every part several times (pants are holding the record: resculpted them over 12 times) and probably I will still redo some parts. So it would be really helpful to get some feedback regarding the biggest and most annoying mistakes you guys can spot.

    Thanks for reading and here is my Day08 progress plate:

    Feel free to browse through the whole Pinterest Board; you will find the progress in images from day 1.

  • DanMihaila
    Spent some more time resculpting the pants and the coat. I also adjusted the proportions a little by lowering the legs.. they felt a bit to high.

    Its 5am here so I am way to tired and dazed to even think if its better or not or if it works or not... So I ll just leave it here and I ll have a fresh look at it later today after I get a little sleep.

  • DanMihaila
    Here is the latest update for the character. Small changes here and there.
    I will continue by adding the last details that I want to have in the high poly.
  • DanMihaila
    I wanted to post a quick update while texturing.

    I've added the base color but they need a lot of tweaking saturation/value wise before starting to add more details.
    However, since I took a polypaint approach to it, the face is slightly more advanced and I thought it would be a good idea to post a quick screen with it and maybe get some feedback.
    I'll spend the rest of the day tweaking the body textures.


  • DanMihaila
    Update: textures are in place to represent where I want to go with each of them. However they are still very clean and boring at the moment. Material definition on most of the objects could use some love as well.
    Here is how he looks now:
  • DanMihaila
    Brought the character over into the scene. since it was a little bit tedios and I wanted to know it out of the way.

    At the moment I'm trying to build the last props from the environment and than, I will finish blocking out all the textures.
    Once I'm there I will start polishing them one by one... Still a lot of work but hopefully it will come along.

    Note: Original concept of the room belongs to Ubisoft. This is a remake of the Jackdaw's captain cabin (Assassin's Creed 4).

  • DanMihaila
    I had a really busy summer in which I had to tackle several peaces in my attempt to finish them and have them ready for my portfolio since I will be applying to several companies for internship in the next period (August - October).
    But I will start with the beginning and show the current state of the Captn'.


    The sculpt was rendered in KeyShot. It was the first time I've tried KeyShot and I will definitely try to learn more about it in the future.
    I consider the pirate to be presentable at the moment.... The texture could use some more work, at least in certain area.. I could add a bit more dirt and wear on some clothing elements and I could bring a bit more variation in the skin texture. But for now I need to make sure that I have all my peaces up and running.
    One thing that I really need to fix soon and it shouldn't take that long is the eye whites. They are way to bright at the moment.

    Forgot to add a technical sheet:

  • DanMihaila
    Bekanovski, my first game character, got a texture update and was re-rendered in Marmoset 2.

    There are quite a few mistakes that are really obvious to me and that I failed to see when I first made the character but those things are for sure things I will keep in mind for future characters. Stuff like the flattness of the face (which was intentional to a certain degree but I would do it different if I were to do it again), the cloth and the back of the character which is a straight line that is not in relation with any other curve of the body... which is something that should never happen.
    ANYwho, here are a couple of screens from how it looks now. Also, in the screens, I've thrown a lab-table, which is part of an environment that I'm working on... The design is made by Tor Frick and the texture was a quick test I did to give DDO a go since I've never managed to get into it.


    And the technical sheet:

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  • DanMihaila
    @ kinetic: Thank you!

    Here is a third character I did recently, at the end of the first year of studies at Futuregames, during our last game project, which was 7 weeks long.
    My task was to create three of our characters (The hero, an enemy, and a boss which is this Ogre) and also figure the character pipeline.

    It was good practice since I didn't have that much time for it and because the game had an unlocked camera (think Assassin's Creed with unlimited zoom); therefor I had to come up with a nice character, that would hold from all angles and that would take me less than 10 days or so from concept to in-game model.



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