Fable 2 - Tavern - UDK [ArtOfKee]

Hey guys!

I actually haven't finished my Game of Thrones, Kraken Fireplace scene but we've been given another assignment! We either do a character or an environment. There's more to the brief but anyway...

I decided to do an environment, even though I aspire to be a character artist, simply because I know I won't do well in characters just yet. I've only started proper games art stuff around May and I was advised that it's easier to start off with environment then gradually move on to character.

Enough of my life story. I've decided to model from a concept for Fable 2 (Tavern). I was told "Leading Light" did the concepts for Fable 2, so I guess this one comes from Leading Light? Correct me if I am mistaken. So basically I did the block outs first. My first time doing proper block out. I just realised how much thought you need to put into something before you create it.

I hope I can do this concept justice. Any feedback is very much appreciated!



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