Oraganic Self Portrait - zBrush - Keezia Mahusay

Hey guys! It's been very long since the Escape challenge! Everyone's work was amazing. Anyhow, we've started another project. Organic self portrait. I don't know much about the human anatomy so I'm struggling so much right now. It doesn't look anything like me at all! Please feel free to give me some tips and critiques.

I started off with a base mesh in Maya and then took it to zBrush. My zBrush skill isn't the best as I've only started using it for the escape challenge.

This one is one of the early stages. I actually destroyed the topology and so I had to start again.

This what I have now. I decided to poly paint it to help me see the end result. 5% of it looks like me. >__<

We also have to do the torso. I've been looking at how some artists sculpt bodies and I'm just trying out bits and bobs and getting used to zBrush. Far from finished. The fingers are really difficult too!


  • artofkee
    Still lots to change and improve. Just showing a quick update and throwing a thank you to my brutal best friend who gives me extremely harsh but super good critics and advice regarding my work. Also, a super special thank you to my guardian angel for giving me a zBrush license. Thank you is an understatement of how grateful I am.

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