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Boyo polycounter lvl 8
I just finished a first pass on my portfolio, and I'd like to show it to you guys.
If you can take a moment to give me some feedbacks, i would greatly appreciate your help!





  • mospheric
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    mospheric polycounter lvl 8
    First off, really awesome art in your portfolio. I've had images from Of Orcs and Men in my inspiration folder for a while now :)

    In terms of the website, maybe lose the text on the front page that says you can contact you here and see your blog here. That info is already standing out in your header. Also a pet peeve of mine is to have all the elements centered XD So header centered in the page with images centered below. Not necessary, just a personal preference :P

    Really enjoyed looking at your art!
  • 3dcaspar
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    3dcaspar polycounter lvl 6
    Awesome art and a real joy to look at!
    I especially love your texture section a lot!
  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 polycounter lvl 10
    Very cool work dude! I feel that the first two images in your professional section (of orks and men) are the weakest of the group. So I would put those last and lead with your strongest stuff. So you could work a little on organizing your stuff but overall I really love the feel you have going with these!
  • roosterMAP
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    roosterMAP polycounter lvl 7
    nice work! Tho, I would like a render of that statue with no dof.
  • demoproud
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    demoproud polycounter lvl 6
    Really good work! Really like your texture work. Looking forward in seeing more.
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Thank you so much for your feedbacks.

    I'll reorganize the "Of orcs and men" part, and see for the other.
    I can remove the DOF from the statue render, too
  • Shrike
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    Shrike polycounter lvl 5
    did you do those textures from scratch ? that 'be insane

    Nice work, presentation is good, headliner and the text on the left on the main page feel a little messy, maybe you can find better visual ways to present your text, but thats all I can crit
  • MeshModeler
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    MeshModeler polycounter lvl 5
    Id like to be able to click on the images and get a high rez of them, especially your textures.

    You have to do a breakdown of them on here sometime, they're awesome!
  • Makkon
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    Makkon interpolator
    It'd be nice to see the spec maps on your textures too! Fantastic work overall.

    Do you have experience with shaders and texture blending? If so, maybe showcase that too at the bottom of your texture page.
  • kony
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    kony polycounter lvl 7
    Cool works!
    I like your textures stuff and specialy your lighting.
    my favorite image is first on "Of orc and men" section. color and composition are sweeet.
    more environments please :)
    cool inspirations for my work.
    do you think make a tutorial for your texturing process?
  • Dubzski
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    Dubzski polycounter lvl 6
    The link to Bound in Flame requires a password? If you don't want to share it with the public as of yet, i wouldn't display it / put it at the very top your webpage was a bit disconcerting when it popped up.
  • Fenyce
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    Fenyce polycounter lvl 4
    Awesome stuff! I really dig those textures. Mind sharing some breakdown how you did them? (Like a short tut, or could you recommend a good one?)

    But I need to say, I don't like that header thing... I doesn't represent your skills very well, or maybe it's just me, but I hate those thin lines... And that fade out, too. Also, your using already 3 diffrent "colors" (nuances...) and 3 sizes and 2 diffrent fonts..., I would recommend you to use only 2 colors... And 2 that aren't too similar in hue.
    On my monitor "Gasperin" and "Enviroment Artist" are really close in hue. Maybe always differ by 30% or so.
    Also I wouldn't give "Enviroment Artist" the main focus (because of lettersize) but your name. I mean... people will see that you're doing enviromentstuff anyway plus a smaller note would also work well... And your name is the important part ;)

    Maybe also do a Blog link like you did that one for LinkedIn, you could also do something similar for contact, so, that that little text doesn't push your workes down... Because I already need to scroll to see the first pictures without them beeing cut by the end of my browserwindow... (ya know, I've a ~14" notebook)
    Maybe even some Icons would work (like blogger logo, linkedIn logo and a mail icon...)
    Beside that, you already have "blog" "about" and "contact" so you don't need that text anyway.

    And finally... excuse my terrible english, ha ha ha.
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    Hi guys!!
    Thanks for all the feedbacks.

    Shrikke : Yep from scratch. :)
    I'll do a quick tuto for the textures. It's greatly inspired by the naughty dog's way, as explained by behrooz roozbeh or Bradford Smith.

    Makkon : good idea, i'll do that!

    New version :
    - header is now on the left
    - first page new layout
    - reorganized the "Of orcs and men" gallery
    - added a Google+ link
    - remove presentation text

    (thanks griiot for the css magic ;) http://www.griiot.com )

    Next step :
    - background color, decoration, etc.
    - New presentation for the texture gallery.
  • Boyo
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    Boyo polycounter lvl 8
    I made a quick update, in "textures" and "abandoned" gallery.








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