Dota 2 workshop monthly unnoficial competition - July

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Welcome to our 6th monthly unofficial Dota 2 workshop friendly competition

This month we decided something new! we are going for just single items split in 2 months

this month of july the theme will be

"Single items to Dire heroes"

here is the list of Dire heroes

---The competition

the idea of the competition is to create items in a friendly environment and with the feedback of the other participants to get the best result possible

Last month we got sponsored by Handplane3D which gave 2 licenses for the winners (for now still waiting for all submitions to make the voting)


Chest art by DoubleLeaf

--- Getting your item displayed on the first post


THUMBNAIL_IMG[/php]or this one for 2 creators

THUMBNAIL_IMG[/php]set_name - name of your set, use equal as on the workshop
workshop_user_link - your workshop page, so people can browse your other items easily
Username - the name you think its easier to people find you, can be the one from polycount or the steam
item_link - the workshop page of your item
thumbnail_img - the image link of the thumbnail that is INSIDE your item page on the workshop (the thumbnail is the one with 200 pixels wide, you can get from your items page or add
to the end of the link)

  • open for teams of any size
  • its allowed one item per hero per team/person ( two or more items for the same hero made by the same team/person will not be accepted)
  • everyone should keep posting feedback on other works, the feedback should be constructive
  • the final submition need to be a single item to a Dire Hero
  • it must be submitted to the workshop before the deadline
  • the deadline is the last day of the month at 23:59



this month we are getting 2 keys for the Handplane3d software for the first and second place.

the prizes will be given to two different contributors. If it happen to repeat the same winner, we will go for the next ones till we reach two unique winners

---Tutorials/working in progress videos

Modbox Color Map by Lennyagony

Chaos Dota 2 SpeedRun by DoubleLeaf

---Inspiring quotes

Wow, that's really awesome. Please keep us at Valve informed so we can help draw attention to the winners, progress threads, etc.
Some advice:
Try to give some attention to heroes that are under-served so far (in terms of amount of content).
The success of sets tracks well with the popularity of the hero. (Although popularity can vary between updates and as Icefrog changes balance.)
Look for heroes that the community seems to have trouble creating content for. Good work can really open up the design landscape and help people think about the dynamic range of potential designs.
Don't forget about single items (instead of full sets). Many of the most popular items in the game are single items. Mounts and weapons make good candidates for this, but it varies by hero.
Mix up these approaches. So maybe one month you do a popular hero and another month you do a hero that has few items.

-Brandon Reinhart (Valve)

I love you guys for doing this! Dota2 is my favorite game at the moment and Polycount is my favorite community! I'm very proud to be apart of such dedicated artists and I smile every time I see some Polycount work in game



the presentation is a really important part on the workshop, save some time before the deadline for that. the first impression means a lot on the workshop.

If you want to fancy your presentation here is a the polycount logo over the aegis, there is no need of it to be used

---Previous Months


Helthorn Scepter by Thnk and Ken


Splattered Skullcap by Hunter


Caput Draconis Tool 2.0 by Onilolz, Zaphk and

Forge Phantom by 7thBattery


Grievous Grapnel by 7thBattery


Forgotten Omen by Mr.eFF


Terror Rider's Bandana by Guennor and Gordines


Fortune teller's bandana by I-ninja


Trident of the Deep One by MdK


Feathered Mask of Mockery by Tomus


Petrified Grin by Shoo~ and someguy216


Flavusrend by Stefco and Shoo~


Behemoth's Edge by Zipfinator and Hellmouth


Mohawk of the Red Mist by Zipfinator and SlimeFace



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