2D Concept Artwork - Cartoony Zombies Game (non-released) :-(

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Hi pCounters,

I do had the permission of the client to share those artworks. It was one of my first oversea freelance projects doing Concept Artwork. Had a blast, learned a lot but the game didn´t got the green-light for production:

My role was to came up with a visual for the characters only. Late I was doing some props and scenarios/gameplay roughs.


Why I´m posting this here? Well. It´s not 3D, but, well, it´s game related. Maybe you guys can share this with a friend or small studio and help the Dado to get some freelance work. He needs it. ;-]


    What a shame it was never released! Beautiful work. The character's are full of... well, character! :)

    And i really like the colour variation's on the prop designs. Congratulations with this strong body of work. Again, such a shame that most of the world wont see this colourful take on the popular zombie game genre. All the best with your future project's Dado :)
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    Dado Almeida polycounter lvl 12
    Thanks Lankus,

    Yeah, the gameplay concept was -at that point- very new and fun. Art wise I can see a lot of things that can be better (it´s a 2010 work), but it still have his appeal.

    Glad you dig.
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