USC Games' "The Maestros" LF 3D artists and Animators

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Brian "Panda" Choi interpolator

Hi Polycount!

Our USC Games team, Maestros, is looking for 3D Artists to join our development team!

We’re a student game development team making "The Maestros" from August 2013 to May 2014 in the USC Final Games program. Final Games teams finish a game in a year, and have the opportunity present to industry professionals at USC’s Demo Days, and sometimes even at GDC or E3. We get press coverage as well.

What is The Maestros?
It’s a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game where players control human characters and the armies of minions they produce. These cuddly and mildly vicious little creatures, or bumbling, steaming robots can be used to antagonize your opponent or to gather precious resources from around the map. Resources can then be used to transform your minions into menacing weapons of devastation! The goal is to use creative strategies to wipe your opponent off your island for good, hording all the spoils for your kinsmen!

Our team consists of students who have professional experience at places like Blizzard Entertainment, Industrial Light and Magic, Microsoft, Riot Games, and much more, but we need more awesome artists like you to elevate this game to awesome heights. Advising us are Industry Mentors from EA, Riot Games, and Industrial Toys.

If you’re interested, send Brian Choi ( a portfolio link, resume, and a short email about what position(s) you're interested in.. An art test may be involved.


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