Livin' in the 2030's - Appartment (Gray Shuko concept)

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This great concept by Gray Shuko has been making the rounds lately, so I thought I'd give it a try - reinterpreted as a sort of bachelor pad.

These editor-viewport grabs show what is very much a work-in-progress. I've just started to grapple with (indoor) lighting, inserted a make-shift god-ray shaft of questionable quality and have not spent much time on textures.

Maybe someone here has some inspiration on how to proceed with the lighting, and I also need to get to work with inserting some objects that give the place more character (posters, jumbled up clothing and so on). But yeah, a work in progress!

I'm also getting some nasty seams on the walls where the lightmaps should be aligned perfectly, and wild local color bleeding while it's flat in other areas. 'Tis fun :)




Made me sum highpolies as well:


Any and all comments are very welcome!


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    Forgot the concept pic. (c) Gray Shuko.

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    Tiny updates (and now focusing on our ESCAPE entry for the time being)

    - Added a little grime to the pristine floor. Will probably need a carpet or something to bridge the white boring gaps.
    - couple of extra lights
    - basic Tonemapping, though I'm not sure it's doing me any favors :-/
    - messed with my glass shader, looks better on the bottles now, but falls apart on the ashtrays. Probably need to look at the textures again.

    Sorely missing:

    Something, anything that actually shows it's being lived in. Apart from that, some actual work on the textures wouldn't hurt. And I'm still not decided on how to light the scene. The contrast between dark appartment / evening sunlight / bright holo-tv is not working out the way I would have liked it to. Then again, the lighting in the concept is bland as well.
    Oh, and there's no door.

    I'm getting strange AO (?) artifacts along the small ridges in the walls, and nearly no AO on some other pieces. Lightmass is pwning me all day long.

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