Robbiek1000's Dota 2 Thread

Hi everyone,

So, this is something I should have started long ago. I've, sadly, never found posting my work on a forum very helpful. I usually end up getting close to no feedback on my posts. Is this because I have absolutely no presence in the art community? Probably. Is it because my art is so poor that it isn't worth helping? Also very possible. ANYWAY!

At any rate I'm trying to stick true to my new years resolution of trying to engage more with the polycount community instead of just peeking in once a day and saving a couple images from posts I like. I think this a great place to start, and I hope I'm accepted into this Dota 2 clan of content creators.

My Workshop

-Demon King - Lion Set

-Regalia of the Vampiric Harvester - Wraith King Set

-Silver Wind Armaments - Wind Ranger Set

Please vote for the things you like.

Items Accepted into the Dota 2 Store
Gear of the Tally_Ho Hunter | Penumbral Vesture Set | Instruments of the Claddish Voyager Set

Items Currently in Progress

Newest Set
-Current Progress-


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