Konras and Madzia - DOTA 2 Thread

polycounter lvl 9
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Konras polycounter lvl 9
Hello all.
I would like to have here a nice place to discuss my current DOTA2 items and also post some WIP works as well. Most in not all of theme are/will be created with greate help from my girlfriend Madzia :)

I will try to organize this page more while more sets/items will be showing up.

Sets uploaded to workshop.

Latest Lich set: Eldritch Starvation
Workshop Page

Faceless Void set created for Polycount DOTA2 contest: Ancient Cultist
Workshop Page
Weapon was added to set after contest ended.

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask. And if you want to just chat feel free to do so :)
Thank you all for your time spend here!


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