Erasam Emberhart - Obese Blood Elf Engineer; Blizzard Student Art Contest 2012 Charac

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Brian "Panda" Choi polycounter

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"Greetings from Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft development team and University Relations representatives!
Thank you for participating in the World of Warcraft Student Art Contest. We appreciate your hard work and your interest in Blizzard Entertainment.
Judging for the contest has concluded. Ultimately, your submission was not selected for the prize pool. However, the World of Warcraft team asked us to share some feedback directly from Tamara, an Artist on World of Warcraft:
“Hi Brian. Thank you for participating in the World of Warcraft Student Art Contest. This contest was very important to us, so we felt it necessary to give constructive feedback to all of the students who took the time and put in the hard work to participate.

I like complexity of this character! It’s really interesting to see all these details on him with the Blood Elf design vibe. All those pouches, tools, and the scroll work great for creating a cool silhouette and identifying which class you were going for.

I also like how polygons were applied on this mesh, it’s pretty neat. I would only point out the long polys on the weapon / cannon. It’s better to avoid them in future and try to keep the wireframe more even. UV layout looks really good. It’s great optimization, no space wasted at all. Optimization is a very important skill for videogame artists, no doubt this entry shows it.

I have some minor suggestions about your texture. It’s too “contrasty” and dark (almost black) in some places. For example, the back part of legs and lower part of character are so dark, it looks really flat. Avoid painting pitch-black shadows. It muddies things up too much. Use cold tints for shadows from main color material. I would also suggest treating metals in different manner, with sharp, small highlights. It would read “metallic” so much better that way.

Overall it’s very interesting character with its own story and class / profession, which I really like. Keep at it and thanks again for your submission!”

-Tamara Bakhlycheva (Character Artist, World of Warcraft)

We hope you find this feedback helpful as you move forward with your education. If you have any questions for the University Relations team, please feel free to use this email address. We wish you all the best, and thank you again for participating!
Take care,"

Dangnabit! This is what I get for using a lightmap gradient and thinking it'd be more effective to force a contrast that would make you look at his face/upper body! /cry And my metals were too muddy!

I mean, I guess I optimized like nuts though.

There goes my internship application for Blizz, I think.
Hi Polycount!

Critique and Feedback requested, if you can :)

Brian Choi here (Junior, University of Southern California. IMD). Gonna lock down and hurt myself through this Blizzard Art Contest during the duration of my Winter Break before I get back to work on Core Overload.

[EDIT 2: Massive idea shift] My idea is just doing an important NPC Blood Elf Engineer who is a War Engineer for the Blood Elves, constructs the Arcane Golems, Ballistae, etc and is still handy as a combat support.

Max 6000 triangles
1024 Diffuse texture

Intended WorkFlow
Concept > Rough sculpt Zbrush > Retopo and create base sculpt mesh > Sculpt High Poly > Retopologize for Final Mesh > UV/Texture

What actually happened

Thumbnails > Concept 1 > Concept 2 fix > more Thumbnails > Concept 3 > Concept 4 (removal of Pandaren elements) > Rough sculpt Zbrush > Retopo and create final geo > UV/Texture > Rig > Make Presentation


View the 3D model
Implemented Tamara's (FirstKeeper) critiques:

For Comparison (Tamara's critique above was critiquing this)


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