Sculpting the eye ball?

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Croftyness polycounter lvl 5
I have a high poly model in Zbrush, and my low poly here.

I have no "High poly eye ball"

Will I need to make some HP eyes, and will I need to put any details in. I think a saw somone flaten the from on he eye for the retina.
What's the standard practice?

I'm still yet to project the normals and photo texture.



  • Ravanna
    its not vital, but its easy to bake a painted eyeball whilst you're in 3dsmax.

    i think most next gen characters use 2 separate spheres to achieve the eye, and its the low poly and shader that are important, not the sculpt.

    one sphere for the eyegloss (and a plane/cylinder for the tear line)
    the cornea needs to be modelled with subtlety. OR i guess you could normal map this, carefully. but its harder to tweak the corner shape by baking each time rather than just change the low poly.

    Same goes for the inner eye sphere.

    here's my latest:
  • Croftyness
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    Croftyness polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks, that explains it. I understand now.
  • Ace-Angel
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    Ace-Angel polycounter lvl 6
    Alot of devs that used to have '2 mesh per eye' approach have since long abandoned this setup because it's too expensive and doesn't take into account correct attributes (be it physically correct colors with the gamma or other nick nacks), not to mention Z-Sorting issues with Alpha's and such.

    It's much better to have 1 mesh and let the shader do all the work, since at least this way, you're saving one material call and Alpha sort.
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