Bioshock Inspired "Middle Sister" WIP

At the behest of my girlfriend and since I couldn't top her idea, I had decided to design and model the awkward, hormonal-fueled, adam-harvesting "oh god puberty" middle sister as a transitional stage between the little and big sisters of Bioshock 1 and 2.

This poor girl has gone through many different iterations since I started grad school with her being the first assignment for me. Along the way I've tried to scrap her and rework her from the ground up to match my increasing aptitude with zbrush, and this is the latest and greatest iteration yet

Unfortunately, I seem to have hit a bit of a roadblock with her face and making it look age appropriate (she's supposed to be 9-11). I suppose in the meantime I'll work on her adam-siphoning rig and diving weight to get my mind off it...

Any tips would be helpful (especially on that face), but for the meantime enjoy the gallery.

Original concept (early 2011):

WIP sculpt:

Stupid Old Face (early five minutes ago):
OKpCX.png R4fYl.png


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