[Dota2] - Brewmaster - Ancestors of the Eventide

I am working with Helljumper to make an Asian styled moonshine set for Brewmaster. Here's some lore to explain the meaning behind the title:

"Through his travels, Brewmaster has often encountered harsh scorn by those who look upon his people's sacred traditions as irreverent inebriation. The Eventide Ritual, first performed out of necessity by his ancestors, is the secret ceremony that allows him to provide spirits in lands where they are otherwise prohibited. The Ritual is conducted in the cover of darkness by the Brewmaster who must fearlessly and silently formulate a mystical brew in distant wilderness, just as in ancient times. The bounty, known as Nightshimmer, is a distillate as potent as it is potentially dangerous but certainly worth any risk. Alone, Brewmaster prepares the revered concoction using the same recipe as his ancestors, ever dauntless as the eventide rolls in."

Concepts were done in 3D which quickly led to the first few models of the set, though all are works in progress.


I got a little ambitious and attempted some hi polys for parts of the lantern


That's all for now, gloves and shoulders are next


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