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polycounter lvl 9
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Screwonhed polycounter lvl 9
Hey everyone! I know it's a little late in the game, but I thought I would try my own thing with


First up, I've knocked up a couple head concepts to get a better feel for his head shape and how it affects his silhouette. Probably give it another round to get the juices flowing, hopefully landing on a theme. C&C always appreciated.



  • Managor
    I like that you're trying to play with his beard and hair designs here. Keep that up

    There's an absolute no for 2 since he is in no way a demonic figure. The shoulder pad is fine though

    3 probably looks off since it is missing some colors. Some blue here and there

    All the others are quite good.
  • editpolygon
    I enjoy the idea of mixing the hair of concept 1 with the beads of concept 4. A helmet might not be necessary. It would allow you make some amazing locks.
  • dArth
    5th helmet <3

    You might try to make the side plates thinner and maybe binded with energy, it might look good !
  • jwest
    5 gets my vote!
  • Screwonhed
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    Screwonhed polycounter lvl 9
    Hey guys!

    @editpolygon Thanks! I felt it was necessary to treat the hair as part of the head piece. In the end I think it'll look better.

    @dArth and jwest I will give that one another look at. Glad you liked it.

    Heres an update on a couple theme concepts. High Plains Warlord and Storm Metal!
  • tjallen8
    Nice ideas. Though I do like Storm Metal, I think High Plains Warlord fits Disruptor more. He's a magic-hammer-wielding Orc (or Orc-like creature) so a sort of Storm imbued Viking/Barbarian works well. I like the fur, the helmet, the shield, all good ideas.

    He's not much of a physical damage dealer. Since fist-blades imply melee prowess, it just looks not as fitting (he's 100% ranged). Also the hair style and sleek look of Storm Metal gives him a ninja or assassin kind of feel, which doesn't suit his gameplay. He kind of plays slow and unwieldy, since he bobs up and down on his mount and relies on magic to keep his enemies trapped away from him. When he's getting attacked up close and has used his spells, he's in trouble.
  • Screwonhed
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    Screwonhed polycounter lvl 9
    @tjallen8 As much as I liked the Storm Metal one as well, id have to agree it doesnt really fit his play style. Thanks!

    I'm moving ahead with the High Plains Warlord set. The plan is to do a Head, Shoulder, Bracer, and Weapon piece for the set. Weapon concepts will soon follow, but for now here is the rest of the set:

    I do like the idea of doing something for the mount, but im not sure how the tri limit works for that. I dont know if i can add another 1500 tris or if i have to redo the whole mount so i can have polys to work with. I'll ask in the Q&A thread but if anyone has the answer please feel free to add it here!
  • danidem
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    danidem polygon
    damn, I was doing a shield also! >.< (but for the hammer hand) I can't help you on the tris question :<

    Give the mount a try! keep it up :)
  • dArth
    OMG... This hammer... You gave me an idea.

    I'll give you this idea.

    Wait for it... :poly142:

    This white wool made me think about a cloud, so why not making a dark cloud ?
    You know, clouds you see while it's raining. :)

    Good idea and nice work :)
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