[Dota 2] - Shadow Shaman - TBD

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Hey all, I just found about this contest a few days ago so I thought I'd take a crack. Also, I can't believe how much this thread has exploded in the past couple of days.

First tried working on a Necrolyte and I didn't love anything I was doing, it all felt a little cliche:

I thought the shadow shaman looked cool so I decided to settle on him. My only fear is, I don't know if I'm adding enough to the original design. As such, I might be looking into doing a Chen at some point, as there seems to be plenty of room for modifying with Chen.

Head, shoulder and weapon shots - The weapons don't exactly match up with the head and shoulder designs.

Belt designs - I still would like to concept up a few more, but I ran out of ideas for today.

I'm also planning on making some custom totem/ward model for him, so I'll try to get some of the concepts up in the next couple of days. I'd love to get some crits and what design you think looks the strongest


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