[DOTA 2] Pudge - Carrion Infection

Hello Polycount!

My entry is going to be for Pudge. I am trying to create a set for him that follows closely to his lore.

Pudge the Butcher roams the Fields of Carnage at night, slicing and dicing corpses so that scavenging birds can eat them, clearing the field to make room for more death the next day.

My set is taking from the idea of flesh and carnage, and making it into a parasitic infection that begins to take over Pudge's weapons, and eventually himself. The flesh he is constantly dismembering begins to encapsulate him and his tools.

So far I have the concept art for his two weapons, a cleaver and a hook.

I have ideas for his other slots, but I would love some input. As of now I am thinking about somehow adding the flesh growth onto his arm, I just need to figure out a way to make it stand out from his already disgusting body.
I am thinking of a carrion bird, probably a crow, to go on his shoulder. It too would be suffering from the Carrion Infection. Before I get started on this though, I need to see if adding bones and animations to an item are allowed. A motionless bird on his shoulder would be pretty lame :P

Here's my sketches for his weapons, I still need to colorize them and then I will get started on modeling.



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