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chrisundrum triangle
**UPDATE** August 23rd




Hey everyone. Realize that I have like 3-4 projects going on and I should at least post one. I recently got my N64 hooked up and am playing some old games. One of which was an all time favorite Pokemon Snap!

So I thought it would be cool to do some Pokemon that I wished made it into the game and I think it would be really cool to even do an environment.

There are a few other people that I know that are interested and I hope they post.

I want to push proportions a bit just to make the silhouette more interesting but not straying to far off from their original drawings, just for uniformity among the different pokemon models. I would also like to push textures so that they aren't just base colors but with mixes of different hues and tints so that they are more complex.

I would greatly appreciate any crit and thoughts you may have and if you totally hate the work then let me know and I will do my best to make it super awesome. ;D

This is my reference sheet: The drawing in the bottom right is my front sketch to make a quick blockout and size.

And this my start of W.I.P. This is about 45 min in :/ so its really rough. I really only get 20-30 min at lunch to work on it, but I am going to try and work during spare time.)



  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Just a little update from the last couple days!


    and this is the paintover of the last image of where I want to take the sculpt.


    I would appreciate any ideas or critiques that you might have!
  • DaRkL3AD3R
    Coming along great man. I too miss this game, as well as gaming on my N64 and Gameboy Color :P Those were the days.

    Blastoise is coming along pretty good. Now don't really take this as a crit, but imho I don't think these characters will ever really translate properly to a high poly 3D model, unless you implement some REALLY good shaders with cel art style, and the right colors.

    We'll see what happens when you start texturing though, who knows it might turn out to be the next big thing for Pokemon :P

    Good luck and keep going.
  • MindOfNash
    Hey man, first of all.. Pokemon snap is the freaking best. Second of all.. Blastoise is my favorite pokemon. Sooo you know i'm geeking out over this post :D

    I think the blastoise is coming along pretty sweet, I think you nailed the head shape and if you can get it to the point of your paint over I think you will be in pretty good shape. The only question I have is how are you planning on doing the cannons? Because the hatches aren't open in the sculpt.
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Hey guys a little quick update from todays lunch break.
    Dark and Nash I promise to reply here soon ^__^ just busy at the moment.

  • RiotForQuiet
    Yea dude, keep it up. Give him some big bold details... Maybe not hyper realistic but somewhere between realism and cartoony would be rad. :D
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Yea I have some discussions with a few other artists on making 2D art translatable to 3D, and I think one solution to ease the transition is to keep bold shapes and lines, which is really all art for Pokemon is. I can add subtle detail in between the lines. Also I really think the texturing (whenever I get to it) is really going to help. I have a pretty good idea of what I want and I think you will like it ;)

    Im glad you are geeking out also! SO I am not alone haha.
    So the cannons is going to be pretty tough. I kind of went into this not really planning ahead. I think my plane is to bring it back into maya and just make a separate mesh ( the folding shell + cannon) and just sculpt it into the shell. I am going to work hard at it until it looks right and awesome. This is Blastoise. I have to do him JUSTICE!
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Hey guys, getting soo close to calling the main shapes down. So hopefully shortly I can make a really nice detail pass.

    As of right now I do have the shell with the cannon separated and I am currently sculpting the inside so I can show yall tomorrow hopefully. And then I can do the cannon which will be the easiest thing so far.


    Let me know what yall think!
  • Shendoo
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    Shendoo polycounter lvl 6
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Hey polycount just updating where I am on this Blastoise. Would love any feedback, or concerns, or if anybody would like to contribute!

    Highpoly sculpt around 90% done. There are lots of things I would like to add and possibly change but just have to keep on moving and going.

    And this is the lowpoly mesh sitting at 5,758 tri's/ 3,113 Poly's
  • Skamberin
    Great looking mesh so far :) Don't forget the two tiny teeth, they add a lot of personality :)
    You might also take a look at how much UV space you're giving the tail, in the first lowpoly mesh shots it looks a little blurry, it stands out a bit when compared to the high-poly just above.

    In any case this looks great, looking forward to seeing the textures on it :D
  • joeriv
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    joeriv greentooth
    This brings back memory's :D

    2 things that catch my eye:

    -The water thingy's on the back, they don't really feel like they are a part of the body, in the original drawings, he has some holes/square things where they stick out.
    It looks as if they are superglued on.

    In case you were planning on doing this, and just haven't done it yet, then nevermind that :p

    - His face seems to trend a bit to much towards a sort of wolf head, his nose/mouth seems to be to pointy.
    Looking at your reference, the second row, second picture, the whole front seems much rounder to me.

    Altough that might be just me, but I do feel like there is just "something" off about his face.
  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 5
    looking nice. I love warturtle/blastoids. so you going to do the other hundreds of pokemon too?
  • Hang10
    Like Joeriv siad, his cannons aren't at all like they're supposed to be.
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    @Skamberin: Hey Skam, thanks! Soooo here's the deal with the teeth, I wanted to eventually do the inside of the mouth at which point I would have the teeth as part of that mesh. As an alternative I painted it in and still looks pretty believable (which I can show in a bit) and wouldn't mind even adding 4 polys to add a tincy wincy bit of depth. I think I will add a bit more space to that tail. Thanks for the heads up!

    @Joeriv and Hang10: You're right! It isn't part of the body. I probably should have made that clear. That shell piece that its attached too actually pops open, or "opens up" to what you see in most pictures of him. The cannons actually reside inside him and when the shell opens up his cannons come out. In the current pictures I have the shell closed, though it is a separate mesh with more geo inside. I will post some pics in a bit with it opened up! sorry about that.

    Well Coots7 I would like to do a bunch of them, maybe not by the hundreds haha. I think for the sake of time I'm going to do easier ones. You are more than welcome to help me!
  • Sixoul
    Looking good. I wonder if Nintendo will make a Pokemon Snap HD for the Wii U. It seems like it would fit.
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Hey Guys just an update on the texture.
    The Diffuse is still work in progress. I imagine I am about 75% done.I realize I still have alot of seems but I will fix those towards the end.

    This is an image of straight diffuse out of maya with no spec/no normal's.


    And this is the texture for this guy. I am texturing at 2048 but rendering at 1024.


    Let me know what you guys think! Also I remembered to include the Shell opened and closed.
  • mospheric
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    mospheric polycounter lvl 6
    Awesome texturing! I love the feel of it. Can't wait to see the environments :)
  • Koochy
    if this was to be made for reals, take all of my money ;_;
  • jaydon
    Great job! It would be amazing to see a Venasaur and Charizard to go with this, oh and like every other first generation pokemon. Maybe Gold and Silver too. haha
  • Screwonhed
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    Screwonhed polycounter lvl 8
    Rad! favorite pokemon and you nailed it. :D
  • SirCalalot
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    SirCalalot polycounter lvl 4
    I had a complete nerdgasm when I saw this in WAYWO, you are totally doing the 'toise justice and I love the painterly texture style. It seems to work well with Pok
  • Hang10
    Looks awesome and the diffuse looks great. My only issue with it is that it's too dark. A more saturated blue is what I think would be better.
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    @Mospheric: Thanks man. I can't wait either! Not sure what the environment will look like yet, but hopefully something that will fit the other pokemon! Currently there are some other artists I have been talking to..ahem..that will be doing some and hopefully they can post soon.

    @Koochy: I would spend soooo much cash money

    @Jaydon: you never know ;)

    @Screwonhead: Thanks man! I really appreciate it. Its been a journey on doing this guy justice! He's my favorite too.

    @SirCalalot: I would love to have more! Do it up!

    @Hang10: Thanks man. Been really pusing myself with the diffuse. And I also Lightened him up and gave him more saturation. Tell me what you think.

    Well I'm getting really really really close to call the diffuse done and what not. Here's an update! Also I am going to clean up the seam eventuallyyyyyyyyy. Probably in 3d coat soon

  • aNarchy
    work looks phenomenal man, texture really gives him life, great colour!
    quick question about your work flow, you started the high poly scuplt in zbrush, finished that, then made the low poly from scratch in maya to look the same as the high poly from zbrush, then outputted the normal maps to the low poly? is this correct? your help would be much appreciated, keep up the good work :thumbup:
  • Jack Ryan
    This is so cool! I can't believe I never actually thought of Pokemon as 3D models. Great concept, with the snap game too.

    My only crit is that the edge of the pieces of shell on his back that move outwards to accommodate his guns, they look almost like they're clipping with the rest of his shell, however this could be what you were referring to when you mentioned the seam you were gonna clean up, if so ignore me. ^-^
  • jimmypopali
  • Hang10
    Massive improvement on the colors. This looks great. If I had the time I'd love to take a stab at doing one ;)
  • D4V1DC
    150 to go!
    ^ you so should!

    Love this little guy.:poly142:
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Ok, OK, I think I haveto call it quits on the diffuse. -___- fix up the seems in 3d coat. I think it might go up and touch up the cannons but I think alot of the cool stuff will come through in the spec when I get around to doing that. Next is a cool pedestal for him and put him into UDK.

    @aNarchy: I will reply to your post soon sorry for the wait.

    @Jack Ryan: Yea there is just a tad bit of clipping and I will resolve that when I finally rig his shell pieces. and thanks!

    @Jimmypopali: O________o

    @Hang10: thanks man. Hope to see it!

    @$!nz: Glad you like him!



  • Ged
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    Ged polycounter lvl 9
    thats a lovely diffuse texture! makes me wonder why there isnt a world of pokemon mmo out there?
  • Shendoo
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    Shendoo polycounter lvl 6
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Ha! Threw him in UDK with my pokeball just for kicks and giggles!


    Also, I would like to clarify that the scene that Blastoise is not mine. It's the UDK Foliage Showcase. All assets other than blastoise and the pokeball are property of Epic Games.
  • JamesWild
    Does he have a specular map yet? I imagine being a water Pok
  • superdenny707
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    superdenny707 polycounter lvl 6
    what brushes did you use in Zbrush to do the shell?
  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 4
    Nice job! He looks pretty cool in UDK :)
  • Scizz
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    Scizz polycounter lvl 5
    Hey, nice job dude! If possible, can you post how you unwrapped the pokeball? I tried making a pokemon environment a while back and got a bunch of weird seems and normal map issues with it. :D
  • MrNinjutsu
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    MrNinjutsu polycounter lvl 5
    Aaand front page of reddit.

    Nice work dude. Loving the textures. Although not too sure on it being in a realistic setting.
  • Skillmister
    #1 spot on reddit front page, congrats :p Now make a few more!
  • cholden
    Awesome, I sent this guy around to some folks yesterday. Who knew it'd blow up. Anyways, love the face.
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    @Ged: Thanks Ged! I know right? Sooooo much money would come out of my pocket for that game....

    @Shendoo: Thanks man!

    @JamesWild: Hey James, He does have a spec, but one that I cranked out in like 10 min. Right now I am working on a base for him and I will spend some good time on getting it right. He's my favorite so I want to do him justice! And you're right his cannons would have a higher spec.

    @Superdenny: I pretty much used Orbs crack brush for the shell pieces and outline. Then used clay tubes with for some little divots and then cleaned up with either Trim Dynamics or Hpolish.

    @leleuxart: Thanks man. It's even better tumblin' around it and walking around ;)Hope to do an environment with some buddies so that we can have other people walk around and enjoy.

    @Scizz: Sure thing man. Now its not what you probably want to do but I really wanted to see it in. But I tried some other ways but I thought that the best place to put the seam was where it was all black. So you couldn't go wrong.

    @Mr.Ninjustusu: O_____O wow that's pretty crazy ha. thanks man.

    @Skillmister: Thanks man. I'm glad my love for art and the realization of pokemon in 3d can be shared with many... one day...one day we call can run around and capture pokemon. I plan on making a couple more. I think Hitmonchan might be next or Kabutops!

    @cholden: Thanks man, I'm pretty flattered! Also Joe Bird says "Heeyyyy"
  • zoidy
    I got here after seeing this posted on Reddit, and was blown away. Seriously, that one screenshot in UDK is every Pokemon fan's wet dream.. You know, if you get a bit of free time, a few more screenshots would probably go down pretty well on the internets. ;)

    I LOVE the textures, reminds me of some old Pokemon figures with a sort of soft, rubbery finish (can't find any decent images though..). The style really would be perfect for an open-world, 3D Pokemon game.
  • Skamberin
    Grats on the frontpage! Awesome looking stuff, if there is one tiny nitpicky thing I can point out it's that the eyes look rather bland, lightwise. This is probably because they don't have their own material ID or are a separate part of the same mesh (like eyeballs). If you could select the polies that make up the eyes and give them a separate mat ID to improve the material and thus the shine of them it might make the character feel more alive. Heck going all the way and giving him eyeballs to move around might be even better, let you experiment with some light facial expressions and such.

    Same could maybe be done with the cannons, so you could experiment a bit with having a different specular setting or a cubemap for just those or something. IN ANYCASE; absolutely love the model and the textures :) Awesome job
  • Minos
  • Jessica Dinh
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    Jessica Dinh sublime tool
    omg pokemon YESSS!!! i'd love to see some more :):)
  • Stoop_Kid
    ...Awesome. :D Can't wait to see more! I love his texture. So sweet. :)
  • Psygohn
    Amazing, the face especially -- really clean.

    Well done!
  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    Just a little quick treat before get to all of your comments :D

  • chrisundrum
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    chrisundrum triangle
    @Zoidy: Yea, It was pretty wild how big it blew up on Reddit!. I'm glad that I could somewhat bring my dream and other players dreams into reality. I plan on doing more screenshots pretty soon. So don't worry. And thanks for the texture compliments :D

    @Skamberin: Nitpick away my friend, I am here to learn! The eyes do look rather bland :/ I have some things in mind for it, one being what you said , but it has a separate mat ID. I have a lot to do on the back of the cannons for sure, but right now I have to continue some more stuff but I plan on doing more stuff.

    @Minos: Thanks man :D

    @Jessica Dinh: There will be both more screenshots of him in jungle goodness, also he is rigged :D and I plan on doing Marowak next.

    @Stoop_kid: Thanks man!

    @Psygohn: Thanks a bunch!

    Ok so here is the base that I churned out today. Would really like to do more with it, and still deciding whether to use it all but here we go.


  • nathanbarrett
  • Fude
    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! No seriously, someone make a RPG. Please. 150 Models and MAKE IT NOW. I will pay all the money.
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