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**UPDATE** August 23rd




Hey everyone. Realize that I have like 3-4 projects going on and I should at least post one. I recently got my N64 hooked up and am playing some old games. One of which was an all time favorite Pokemon Snap!

So I thought it would be cool to do some Pokemon that I wished made it into the game and I think it would be really cool to even do an environment.

There are a few other people that I know that are interested and I hope they post.

I want to push proportions a bit just to make the silhouette more interesting but not straying to far off from their original drawings, just for uniformity among the different pokemon models. I would also like to push textures so that they aren't just base colors but with mixes of different hues and tints so that they are more complex.

I would greatly appreciate any crit and thoughts you may have and if you totally hate the work then let me know and I will do my best to make it super awesome. ;D

This is my reference sheet: The drawing in the bottom right is my front sketch to make a quick blockout and size.

And this my start of W.I.P. This is about 45 min in :/ so its really rough. I really only get 20-30 min at lunch to work on it, but I am going to try and work during spare time.)



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