Blacksmith from Dota 2 (Porfolio piece WIP)

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[Update 10 April 2013]

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Hi everyone,
my name is Felix Arsenault, recently graduated from a 3 year college degree in 3D animation and CGI in quebec, and i plan on being a character artist.

So, here's a new piece for my porfolio. I've seen the concept art for the blacksmith in Dota 2, which you can found mostly everywhere on the web or on the Dota 2 workshop website, and though it would be awesome to make it 3D, so here it is !

Concept art (Big image) :

Reference board (Big image) :

I've started working on muscles and general proportions/forms of the big dude. What i've got at the moment :

I'm looking for serious feedback.

Thank you !


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