Futuristic Russian Helicopter (Hind inspired)

Hello polycounters,

Before I talk about the heli I just wanted to give a quick intro. I've been a longtime lurker of this site and have gained a lot of insight and inspiration from many members, especially over the last 12+ months as I've been overhauling my portfolio. My background in games started back in 2004 when I joined a PC mod called Desert Combat as a vehicle artist. This eventually lead to roles as an art supervisor for Kaos Studios where I worked for 6+ years until its closure last June.

Because my last supervising roles kept me fairly tied up, I was itching to take on a next gen spec vehicle from start to finish. The Russian Hind was one of my favorite helis as a kid so I decided to create a futuristic version that had its own unique look but still shared some resemblance to the Hind. I made deliberate attempts to give it an animalistic yet sleek and aggressive appearance. Hopefully this is conveyed.

There are a few more images on my site as well as higher res versions if you are interested: http://www.brianburrell.com/3dper_mi27r.html


Maya viewport 2.0 video capture:

Direct link to video: http://vimeo.com/34507513

Some more notes...

1) Software used = Maya, Mudbox (lots of detail sculpting w/ vdm), photoshop, xNormal(ao), ndo2/crazybump (minimal)

1) I didn't weld certain sections because I was planning to make a destruction version later on but ended up moving on to another project.

2) The texture specs in all of the images except the 2 mental ray renders above this post are: 2048x2048 set, 512x512 set and 256x256 for the glass. Diffuse, spec, gloss, and normalmaps used for the first two sets.

3) The poly count is around the 35k range with all moving parts and weapons included (target platform = next gen consoles)

4) In order to gain some slight visual boosts I used certain methods that were fairly time consuming and wouldn't exactly recommend them for normal game production




Thanks for checking out my work and feel free to post suggestions/crits if there are things that bug you. Since I haven't touched this in maybe 5+ months I already want to re-visit some areas but have been a bit too tied up with other projects.


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